Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter warm up!

It is hard to believe that only 70 days ago RH dug a hole for our basement. Fast forward to today and we are picking out paint colors and calling cable/satellite companies for pricing.Two weeks left and we have the KEYS!
I stopped by the house this morning and was SO excited to see the fireplace done!!! This was the major selling point for Dan and me because we love having a fire going during the winter. Of course, we may change our mind after the first utility bill comes.  We really wish it was wood burning but I am a little excited to not have to clean up ashes anymore.
The stones were still drying but I had to sit and enjoy for a minute! I just love it!!!!!! Our ceilings are 10 ft high so I think it's a beautiful focal point. I can't wait to paint and get our new comfy couch in here:)

And they stained our railing. It am very pleased with the color but they left a huge mess on the wall. A family friend asked me to double check that the railings were at least 4in apart for child safety purposes (GREAT advice and I did check). They are just over 3 inches so hopefully no little heads will squeeze through that. Besides the mess, the railing is a bit loose so I will have to have them tighten those up before we move in.
 And a couple pics of us creating our own art for our home.
 What our family believes....
Kayt isn't done with hers yet but they are looking good so far! I have another three or four panel piece in my head that I want to do (thank you Pinterest) but I may wait until we are moved in to make sure I get the right sizes.


  1. I love how high the fire place is off the ground. You can actually sit there when it's really cold.

    1. Christine, that's what I was thinking too. And, I could have some extra pillows in a basket next to it to make extra seating if necessary.

  2. I love the fire place!!! Thank you for sharing the photo, it's hard to find a good picture online, and we chose the stone fire place for our new house too!!

    1. AandM, I'm not sure what stone you chose but that is Bucks County. I just love all the gray, tan, and red tones. So many options with decorating!

  3. I absolutely love the railing--this is one of the options we could not get from the builder! I also love the idea that you are personalizing your home with your personal art. It give such meaning and value to your home.

    BTW--you look stunning in the picture with your fireplace!