Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not a RANT...maybe just a lower case rant..

Remember on Saturday when I posted pics of the crazy water pouring out of the pipe on the side of our house and the sump pump alarm going off? Well I stayed calm and pleasant about it, calling our SR because our PM was on vacation. She called another PM and said he will come out and look. So on Sunday evening, still have alarm going off and water pouring out. Monday, evening at 6:30 this other PM calls me to let me know that the sump pump had gotten disconnected somehow and that caused the problem. Said it was fixed but that the pipe coming out of the house needed to be directed farther away from the home so the water would not run back in. He was going to have our PM call me on Tuesday to let me know what they were going to do. OK, well I'm fairly patient. I wait all day Tuesday, figuring he has lots to catch up on. No call. Wednesday, I go to the house at 5pm to meet with a window treatment company (more on that in another post) and guess what....the alarm is going off again and the water is pouring out again. Still not call from PM. So much water has been pouring out that it is causing water cavities in the mud (like underground streams) so I am worried that this is compromising the foundation and will make the house settle unevenly on this side.
AND.. supposedly the flooring was to be done by Monday, the stone fireplace was to be done, and the trim done by end of the week. Tile guys came Monday and Tuesday, but ran out of tile for kitchen so they can't finish yet and the it appears that the trim pieces around my tub and shower are not from the same lot at the larger pieces because they are not the exact same color...more pink. I am hoping that maybe it was the low light and haze from the grout that makes it just appear this way, but my gut is telling me the colors are wrong. Hardwood was done today. No sign of masonry guys or trim guys but we literally are supposed to close in 3 weeks and I cannot see how that is possible while still doing quality work.
Also, saw a couple nails popping up on the roofline, the ceiling pattern looks rushed, uneven, and too textured, the egress window well was installed crooked and it has to be leveled. I pointed that out at our drywall meeting but it hasn't been fixed yet. And here's a good one, the huge mound of dirt that they shoveled to the back of our small lot now has straw on it, as if it's going to get seeded. Does someone really think we want half our lot to be a hill the size of the house in our backyard? Umm NO!
Tomorrow morning, there will be a bright and early call to our PM. I gave him plenty of time to "catch up" on all his other homes. Now he needs to come to mine.


  1. I hope you are able to track down your PM and that he addresses all of your concerns.

  2. Catherine, oh my goodness, we can certainly RANT and for good reason!! I would be spitting mad too, you have given more time than I would have......Def address the tile issue also!

    I hate feeling like your home is being rushed and feel helpless, so make sure you express all your concerns, it needs to be done correctly, you don't sound like you are nitpicking, you sound like you have real genuine concerns...

    Please keep us updated.

  3. You do have a right to rant about all those! Just keep on top of your PM.

  4. yes !!! it sounds like you live in Syracuse!!! almost like the same people are buidling our home. We literally are down to 1 1/2 weeks and SO many issues and SO many things to complete!!! I honestly think Ryan homes scheduling of contractors ect is so off!!!