Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update on Guardian and Tile issues

Starting off with good stuff!

I really like our carriage lights. The camear didn't pic it up, but there are some suble details in the glass that are pretty.
Oh, and they prepped the floor today for carpet tomorrow! I went in tonight and walked the entire floor again to make sure the squeaks were gone and they were. Yay!

I heard from NVR yesterday. Actually, my rep has been out of town these past few days but her boss has called me on his way home from work to update me on the Guardian issue. He said that they are trying to get us homeowners "grandfathered in" who already had contracts signed before the new policy took affect. He says they are waiting to hear back from underwriting by tomorrow. If they do not accept this than RH and Guardian will have to do something to eliminate us paying this cost out of pocket. Most likely they will lower the cost of the home to reflect the cost without the "walk away" items and either RH or Guardian or both eat the cost. I will definitely keep you posted.
Of course, just when I think I am impressed with communication, I get a phone call today from our SR telling me that we need to come in and sign a change order form to state that the Guardian items are not being rolled into our mortgage, except he has not heard from NVR, he just assumed that we were going to pay this all out of pocket. Well I'm not signing anything until I have an answer from NVR in writing!
As for the master bath tile, Rite Rug has ordered more tile and we (Rite rug mgr, our PM and me) will meet at the house tomorrow to see if it matches. I have no idea what will happen after that but, again, I will let you know. My biggest concern is that one of these two issues will hold up our settlement, which would really be bad because we have to move out of this apartment by the end of the month.

I really have been impressed with our PM, minus one frustrating day, and I appreciate how quickly he responds to my concerns. Last night when he called to update me regarding the tile, I told him a few cabinets had been dinged by the painters and he said he would go over first thing in the morning to look and order new doors if necessary.... Below is a pic of one of the cabinets. I think a new one will need to be ordered.  He had no problem with taking care of it.
I meet with our PM tomorrow afternoon regarding the tile. I will be taking more pics (big surprise) now that lighting is in.


  1. Love the carriage lights!!!

    I hope NVR and Guardian get that mess sorted out quickly. Good luck with the tile tomorrow... I hope it's a better match.

  2. What a gorgeous carriage light! Nothing like being greeted at your front door with a beautiful fixture. Catherine, let's keep our fingers crossed that all the issues are resolved easily and effortlessly and you will close on time. I believe most of these issues will be resolved well in advance.