Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gift for PM ideas please

Ok, my husband and I want to get our PM a nice gift for all his hard work, and frankly, for putting up with me....Trust me, he deserves an award for that!
We have been brainstorming ideas from gift certificates for dinner for he and his wife to GC for hardware store. We even thought about tics for Cleveland Browns game but we don't know if he likes football. We haven't come up with one that feels right.
So, I would love some ideas from fellow RH bloggers.


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  1. It's very cool to read your blogs because we are going through all the same things now. It looks like you are about a month ahead of us in the build process. We are set to close Dec. 27th.

    Our PM has been great to us too and we wanted to get him a thank you gift but like like you we have no idea what would be a good gift. Finally, my husband just flat our asked our PM what his interests are or if he likes beer, wine etc. so we could give him a gift as a thank you. To our suprise he said they are not allowed to accept gifts. It's part of their corporate policy. So he asked that we just have him over for dinner once we are moved in. The more I thought about it I thought that would be a pretty cool gift because this way he would get to spend time in the house he helped build and get to see how everything was finalized after we moved in. So I think that's what we are going to do.