Sunday, November 25, 2012

Keys in 3 days!!!

I can't believe we are finally at the end of this home building journey. We do our final walk through and sign paperwork tomorrow. We get our keys in Wednesday. Movers arrive Friday!!
I'm not sure if Dan and I are more excited about having a big kitchen or having our mattress back. We sure have missed that thing!

Today we went by so I could see our granite (home from California) and our "handy man" was there touching up paint, patching and sanding spots that weren't perfect, and adjusting doors. He said he wanted to have it looking perfect before our walkthrough. The handy man is basically the guy who is in charge of the final touches on each house. He has a long punch list and goes through everything, adjusting, replacing, repairing, whatever needs to be done.
We asked him about installing the cabinet hardware and he said he could do it after a price I can't complain about, especially because he already has the proper tool to do this and the knowledge to do it quickly. He also said he installs ceiling fans, lights, etc. So, RH bloggers, ask your "handy man" about what he/she can do after you close. The price may be just right!

Oh, and I LOVE my granite! I do not have a pic tonight...forgot my phone but tomorrow I plan on taking video and pics to give a virtual long as most of the clean up is done. If not, I will do it on Wednesday.

One final note regarding appliances through RH....DO NOT pay the upgrade fee for the stainless. I really wish that we did not do this. I am underwhelmed by the appliances that we have. The fridge is not all stainless, it has black sides, the dishwasher feels cheap, and the stove basically only has a stainless door and a panel on the top. Otherwise, it's black. I'm sure they will cook, clean, and store everything just fine but for the price, I wish we would have taken the standard and sold them on Craigslist, then bought what we wanted. From the beginning, my gut told me to do this but my husband didn't want to deal with selling stuff and replacing so I gave in. Next time, I will go with my gut.

Update on bathroom tile: Because the edge tiles do not have the same undertone, RH has offered to replace all of the tiles after we close or cut us a check for the cost. It's up to us. Either way, I am satisfied with their resolution. But it will be settled after Wednesday so it doesn't delay our closing.

Oh my gosh! I can't wait for tomorrow....and Wednesday....and Friday (when we can actually sleep in our new home)!!!


  1. How exciting!!!

    I was not impressed with the RH appliances, regardless of finish. They don't have the best reviews online either. We will probably upgrade them to better appliances at some point down the road and donate the stuff that we get with the house.

    I'm glad RH came to a resolution that you are satisfied with for the mismatched tile and that it won't mess with your closing date. Have you made your decision yet?

  2. Congratulations Catherine! Can't wait to see pictures if the finished home!!

  3. Congrats on everything! I can't wait until we're there too.

    Were you ever introduced to your handyman, or did you just meet him by being there when he was?

  4. My heart just smiles for you right now.....We will miss you so much on this blog......I feel like it's the end of your building journey....and it is...

    Tonite is tuesday and tomorrow is closing day........I hope all goes well with you, and hope you keep us updated...