Friday, November 9, 2012

Tidbits of advice....

Sorry for a 3rd blog today but I'm on a roll!
For any of you shopping mortgage companies, I highly recommend getting two rates and then bringing them to NVR. We had an awesome rate from Wells Fargo of 3.125 and NVR matched it, and waived the normal fee to get this rate. Plus, a credit of $1,300 at closing. As much as I have not loved our NVR rep, we couldn't pass up this rate and credit. Before we brought them this offer, their "best rate" was 3.375. So, shop around!
Oh, and one more piece of advice: Walk the ENTIRE square footage of your home before the floors are installed. Listen for squeaks. We did this and found a couple, including a very loud squeak in the master bedroom, right next to where our bed will go. That would have driven me nuts, hearing that everytime I got in or out of bed! Our PM wrote in huge letters on those particular boards to have them fixed.


  1. This is a great post, Catherine! Now I have more homework to do but homework I welcome to get a rate such as that--awesome!!

  2. Great advice! Thanks for posting :) I'll be sure to walk every square foot during our pre-drywall meeting.