Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dirty water.... Not a pretty sight!

After spending 5 hours taking my Ohio State Boards (that was fun), I grabbed my daughter and drove by the house....and when we got out of the car, our neighbor pointed to the side of our house and said it just started gushing water.... This is what we see...

It would pour out for a couple minutes, stop for a minute, and start again. I was scared to walk in the house, but I did and all I could hear was the sump pump alarm going off... Ok, now I'm really nervous! Well the light switches aren't installed yet so I couldn't see anything in the storage room. Used my phone flash to see what was going on and to my relief, there was NO water down there!!!

 So the good news is, the pump works, alarm works, and back up works... But I did call PM right away. Got his voicemail, apparently he's in Vegas:( but the sales office called another PM and they are going to take care of it. My husband came by to make sure it wasn't an emergency and thankfully it wasn't... I just hope they figure out how best to deal with all that water. We think it is draining out of the sump, just to fill up again, and repeat. But seriously, that is alot of water and I hope they work it out Monday.
Ok, scare over... Now time to look around. The painters came in and did two coats of primer on walls and one on ceiling. It's looking like a house now!!
Standing in the morning room, looking into the kitchen and living room.
The big beam, which is annoying, is there because we added the morning room and 4 ft extention in the living room. Hopefully, It will be a good way to define the spaces...we'll see. 
All the homes we looked at out here texture their ceilings like this. Not just Ryan homes, but all the newer builds have it. It is very weird to us but we were not given an option to have flat or knock down texture (my preference). I know it's not popcorn's a veiny like pattern. Here is our master bedroom with the trey ceiling. The inside is flat, which looks way better. I really wish we had an option to eliminate the texture but I am sure the builders love it to hide imperfections...Heck, that's why I like makeup!
The stone is drying and I still like it...Yay!
Like I mentioned before, our PM is in Vegas. I guess he deserves a vacation too, but he did call Dan on Friday to give him the agenda for next week. The plan is:finish painting, installing trim, hardwood floors, stone fireplace, and tile kitchen. That's a big punch list but we are supposed to close in 3 and a half weeks so they need to crank it up now!
On a fun note, many of the NE Ohio cities rescheduled Trick or Treating until this weekend. Our city is tomorrow and we planned on bringing candy and sitting in our non-existent driveway to pass out candy....BUT, even better, our almost neighbor invited us over to their driveway to sit around their firepit and pass out candy...PERFECT! 



  1. Yea I gotta agree I would have done a freak out about how the water was being pumped out, doesn't seem very efficient. But I showed my hubby that pic and tells me there is nothing to worry about.... I sure do enough worrying for everyone.....
    30 some days the snow will arrive, perfect timing....

    How did trick or treat go??

  2. I'm glad none of that water was inside the house! I'm also glad you are still loving the stone.

    I was so thrilled when I found out that we do not get textured ceilings in our community. I'm not sure if that's a regional thing or not, but I had heard so many people talking about textured ceilings that I was sure I'd be stuck with them too.