Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Walk through: CHECK Sign paperwork: CHECK....We just need those keys!

Oh my gosh!!!! I am crawling out of my skin with excitement! I just want tomorrow afternoon to come NOW! (Sorry for all the exclamation marks....I can't help it!)
The front without all the debris. Unfortunately, it's too late to get a yard put in or our driveway and sidewalk so we have to wait until spring. 

Yesterday was a big day. We had to go to the bank and get that big downpayment certified check. Goodbye money!
Then to the house for our final walk through. That was a great experience. It took 3 hours and our PM showed us ALL about our home. He showed us how to turn off the water from every faucet, the mainline and the hose lines. They actually have locations inside the house to access the hose lines so we can shut them off during the winter. I did not know this but I like it. We were also given a very thick notebook with all the details, warranties, and recommendations for our home. It will be nice to have all that info in one location.
 As we walked the house, our PM had a notepad and any tiny flaw that he saw, he wrote it down so they can fix it by Wednesday. By the time we were done, there were 27 items on his list. He was incredibly picky, which I like, so if there was a tiny scuff mark on a wall, he wrote it down to make sure it got touched up. Most everything was just minor. The only major issue was the half moon shaped window that is up above all the other windows in the morning room. There is water inside that window (Dan and I did not even see it, our PM did) so he is getting that replaced.
Older photo but that top window is the problem. No big deal, they are replacing it.

It may not be done by Wednesday, but it will be done as soon as he gets the window. Oh, and because we have the cottage elevation, the windows only have the one longer strip down the middle (not the 6 or 9 panel look), they are having a hard time replacing the front window that is cracked. Our PM said he may have to go to another county to get one, but it will get done.

On Sunday, we went by the house to check on it and the 'handy man' was there, touching up paint and cleaning. He must have stayed all day because when we walked in this morning, it was totally shiny and ready for me to move in!!! I so appreciate his hard work.  I am excited to show you our kitchen. It turned out so great. I took a walk through video of the whole house but it's 6 minutes long so it won't let me insert it here...hmmmm... I may have to make it a youtube video and insert the link. Not sure about that though.
Here are some pics in the meantime.

I forgot to take a close up of the granite but it looks beautiful. Most people seem to choose the Venetian color (which is beautiful, my mom has it) but I love gray tones so I want with Pearl Gray (but we found out from the granite company that they call it New Caldonia). RH should probably change that name on their end.
Here is a pic off the internet.

 I think the colors from the fireplace and kitchen are a nice combo.
Also, we found hardware for our cabinets and will probably get those installed next week sometime. I think that will make a huge difference in the look of the kitchen. They are also stainless, so it should complement the appliances and counters nicely.
I counted 41 cabinets total so that's alot of hardware!!!
We get the keys tomorrow. Today I am purchasing concrete sealer so we can seal the garage floor Wednesday night (weather permitting), before we fill it with crap our beautiful things:) The painter comes on Thursday to paint the bedrooms before furniture arrives on Friday.
Oh, and we were issued our new home number yesterday by the phone company....for some reason, that really got me excited!!!
Chat later, gotta go pack this apartment up!!!!