Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am a post-closing blog slacker...

There, I admitted it. I swore I would keep up with blogging after we closed, but I have been very bad. With decorating for Christmas, a mini-vacation during break, and having the kids home, I just haven't taken the time to write. BUT, to all my fellow Ryan Homes bloggers, I have been keeping up with your journeys these past few weeks. I know DW and Nadase close today and I am SO excited for you guys.
This will be a catching up on what we've done blog, so lots of photos.

The  big Christmas present from grandma and grandpa. It has been getting plenty of use!

We have also had some more painting done.This is our master bedroom. I love how the ceiling turned out. Don't laugh at the single, pathetic light...we finally bought a ceiling fan yesterday so Dan will put that up this week. I have all the wall decor sitting in the corner but we haven't put it up yet.....eventually it will happen.

 As soon as we found out that we were moving, and that Dan would be traveling outside of the US, we had this idea to put a map up and pin every place he goes. We also wanted a map of the USA so we could pin every place our family has gone together. Our goal is to visit all 50 states before our youngest graduates high school so we do A LOT of traveling. So far, we are up to 31 states as a family. I found this great map set at Costco for $15 but the world map was huge (over 5 ft long) and I could not find a frame. Our AWESOME friends, Kim and Mike, own a custom cabinet company (Lustig Custom Cabinets) and they made us two frames, one for this world map and another for a map of the USA. The office is still a work in progress so we don't have that up yet.

OK, we finally had the hardware installed on the cabinets. I LOVE IT! The hubby likes how much easier it is to open the cabinets. Dan doesn't have a jig so we hired the RH handyman to install for us, post-close. Well worth the extra bucks! We didn't want to drill a boo-boo hole in the doors

On to bathrooms:
Our master bathroom. For my fellor RH bloggers, you know that the shower head is a bit low, and doesn't move side to side very well. If you have a bench in your shower, you won't be able to sit on it and have water flow over you. So, this was the first thing we replaced in the house. We got this at Home Depot. It's not perfect but it is flexible and Dan can fit under it, which is important when you are a tall guy.

The kids bathroom: I know other bloggers have written about the darn towel bar and I did not take their advise and ask to have it moved. I really wish I did. The placement is weird. The towel hits the toilet and that is gross. I haven't painted the bathrooms yet because we plan to move these bars to the opposite wall and put a small hand towel bar closer to the mirror. This will require a little spackle but that doesn't scare me. So i really suggest asking your PM to put the towel bar on the wall opposite the toilet.

 The media room is complete and we love it! If I can't find a kid or the husband, I know exactly where to look.





We finally found bedding that Leland liked. We really wanted something that was red, blue, and grey but not look like an American flag. I scoured stores and websites for weeks and we just couldn't find one so we finally found this at Target. It is orange, blue, and grey but it looks cool. It just may not be the best match with his Cubs fathead wall art but he doesn't care. Eventually, I will actually get that up too.
Ok, that was probably boring for everyone except my mom and dad. Sorry!
Our 45 day post settlement walkthrough should be happening soon. I have a list of things we need addressed, but I must say, there isn't anything major. No water leaks, no falling off stone, no electrical problems....basically some cosmetic issues at this point. Next blog will be all about that meeting.