Friday, November 9, 2012

Floors and cabinets and railing, oh my!...

I am SO excited about all that has happened this week. Dan was in Ecuador all week but after talking, he called our PM on Tuesday night to express our concern that things were going a bit slowly. All that had been done at that point was the tile in bathroom and kitchen. Well on Wednesday, the hardwood was installed and on Thursday.......the day of miracle work.....!!!! Serioulsy, with approval from our PM, I met a Sherwin Williams color expert at the house at 1pm (more on this in a bit) and there was 6 guys there. Here are some pics.

Not all of the cabinets are in yet. To the right will be the sink area that overlooks the family room. Our PM said there was a piece that didn't match so he has to reorder that but they need to measure for the granite so he is installing the bad piece just for now. He said he didn't want me to freak out...Hahaha! He already gets me!

Stove and Microwave area

And the beautiful upgrade of hutch (the four cabs with glass and bottom cabs).Fridge will go in that ladder spot.
Our 18x18 tiles in kitchen. There is a bunch of sawdust on the tile but you get the picture... I LOVE it! With a dog, I did not want hardwood in the kitchen and personally, I like the mixture of materials.

 And my gorgeous railing!!! The wood will be stained later but I just love it! Dan and I watched the guys install this...literally only took about 45 minutes! It would have taken us 3 months...
As I promised, here is info on a great offer from Sherwin Williams.. If you buy a $75 gift card, their home color expert will come to your home and help you with paint colors. Any of you who know me, know I am a paint freak, and probably do not need help but I really loved her help. These are not final color selections but I will probably end up using many of them. I love warm and soft colors because I
am digging on grays right now. She helped me find color family's that worked well together. She was there for about an hour and a half.  I recomment bringing pillows or samples of colors that you are using in particular rooms as a starting point.
Top: Morning room (Not sure about this yet)
Right: Office and bathrooms (pic doesn't show well but it's a bit more earthy than the other gray)
Bottom: Entry and maybe accent wall in great room
Left: Great room and kitchen
Lelands Room
Gray walls with one large orange stripe around top and skinnier navy stripe below it. (I love doing stripes!)
Kayt's room
Same gray as her bro but red on one wall and accent on another wall
Master bedroom and bathroom:
Not sure about these yet. I love the beachy feel and these colors remind me of that...I am a California girl, after all!
I really want a fun, vibrant basement. A place for the kids. The purple doesn't show well but it's called Plummy. That will go on two walls with the lighter gray on the other walls. The red will either go on a small wall or just use as an accent color. The dark gray is for the media room.
OK, thoughts and opinions please!


  1. This is the first Springbrook model I have had the pleasure of watching. I love the beautiful upgraded hutch and railings. I wanted those railings but it wasn't an option in our area. It will be a DIY project for somebody to do other than me. lol I love the fun paint colors in the basement and all the other combinations. Are they going to paint the house for you after settlement or before settlement?

    1. Nadase, (my auto correct keeps changing your name to Madame.. Lol), that's weird that they don't offer the wrought iron railing... For as much as it cost for that small amount, I'm sure your house would be a couple G's. You would think Ryan would want that$.
      As for paint, I am getting an estimate tomorrow morning on the entry, family room, kitchen, and vaulted morning room. With 10 ft high ceilings plus whatever height the vaulted area is, that may be hard for me to tackle. I plan on painting all the other areas. I've got it down to a science and don't even need to tape anymore. It will take me a few weeks or months but hope its all done by February. But the main areas we plan on having done day after we close.

  2. I don't usually like railings and we opted to get the half wall instead in our house... but I LOVE your railings!!! I don't recall that being an option for us.

    I can't wait to see the paint on the walls! I'm still completely undecided about painting as of right now.

  3. Hey, you stole my paint idea! lol I'm planning to do the medium gray (probably 18% gray for any other photogs reading this!) in the boys' areas, with bright blue stripes/decals in all the rooms plus accent stripes/decals in each bedroom in "their" color (fire engine red in one, kelly green in the other). Looking forward to seeing yours come together! :)