Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bathroom Tile: Advice please

At this point, I am a bit disappointed with our options with the tile issue in our master bathroom. Our PM and the flooring manager both agree that the edging tiles have a different undertone than the main parts of the tile. They ordered about 30 new ones but they too are the same reddish undertone. Here is the problem, when the lights are on in the bathroom, the difference is not noticeable but as soon as the lights are turned off, you can see the difference. Our PM called last night to ask me what I wanted to do about it. I think he wants me to say that it's all fine but we spend $1195 on that upgrade and I just can't swallow that cost, knowing it doesn't match. If we tell them to rip out the tile and pick a new one, we will not close on time so that is not an option. We close in 8 days! I asked about getting a credit for the tile but our PM said he will have to ask his manager about that. I don't love this resolution because it still doesn't get us matching tile but at this point, I just don't know what to do.
PLEASE, any suggestions?


  1. If it bothers you that much, then something needs to be done. Unfortunately, this means you have to decide what it will take to make you happy. If you can get the credit for the upgrade, you could have someone else come in and replace the tile after closing. You would have a lot more choices, but it wouldn't be under Ryan's warranty. Another option may be to have a contract drawn up for them to come back after closing and replace the tile. This is something to obviously have in writing and signed by some higher-ups so that you don't get screwed in the process. Good luck with your decision. I hope you can come to a resolution that works for you and makes you happy in your new home :)

  2. I really like Rachel's idea.

    Remember you will live with this forever.

    I can't remember, must you close on time, do you have somewhere to live, can you wait a little while if you have to?

    I think you will kick yourself if you live it is alot of money and should be done correctly...

    To have it torn out at another date in my opinion will open a can of worms that may cost even more and more inconvenience...again just my opinion from doing bathrooms myself. but consider everyone's view..

    It's too bad that RH's screw ups in the end cost us precious time...

    I hope you resolve this soon, let us know.

  3. Catherine, part of what I am reading from your post is that RH is trying to copy and paste this project to your satisfaction and it's not working! Ask for what you want! Instead of them replacing parts of the tile have them replace the entire bathroom with the correct color! My only question is can you live with the choice for a few additional days to get what you really want? Are you willing to delay your closing to have what you want plus be under the RH warranty coverage? If so, are you willing to negotiate staying at your current location if that is something you need to do. Honestly, if it were me and my house I would wait until the job was done to my satisfaction even if it meant delaying your closing. In situations such as this, there is always a gift waiting on the other side. Not sure what it could be but most times there is always one waiting. I could be wrong--but I am hearing you scream, please replace my entire floor!!! Just a reminder, thank God it is not a delay because of NVR but a delay for your happiness in having what you want. lol smiley face

  4. Thanks everyone. Delaying closing is not an option. We have to be out of this rental by the 30th. There is already another tenant ready to move in. Our PM called tonight and was very nice. He said that RH wants us to be happy with our house and be proud to show it off to people (really, those were his words) so they are willing to either reimburse us the cost of the upgrade or replace the tile after we move in. He said we can decide which way we want to proceed but that they really want us to be satisfied. I am pleased with their willingness to make us happy and that goes a long way in my book.
    That being said, we've had some crazy difficult things happen in the past 24 hours that have put a bit of perspective on this issue. And frankly, the off colored tile is so not on my radar of important things in life. I usually do a good job of deciphering between what's truly important and what's just fluff but I think this house building process has had me so sucked in that those lines have crossed. I plan to wake up tomorrow just feeling grateful for the people in my life and not let this tile take up so much of my time.

    1. Good luck with everything. I'm not sure what you're dealing with, but thoughts are with you

  5. Thinking of you guys! I hope the sleep put you at ease to accept whatever the outcome.