Friday, October 5, 2012

The roof, The roof, The on our house!

Well the darn rain just keeps coming. The news said the the Cleveland area had one of the wettest September's in history with 7.6 inches of rain.....Of course, that is when we build a house. That being said, I am impressed with the nonstop efforts of the Ryan Home's work crews. They literally work rain or shine (and I hear snow too but we BETTER NOT have to worry about that yet!) This Cali girl cannot deal with snow in October.
Today marks 29 days since they put a hole on our lot. I am VERY glad to say that they put the shingles on the roof so now the rain shouldn't affect the interior building process. After the amazing progress last week, this week seems pretty slow in comparison but some key things were done.

On Wednesday, the city inspected the progress so far and approved what has been done. These green stickers were throughout, indicating they could proceed. YAY for proceeding!!! 
I LOVE A PORCH! Now, as some of you know, our home in IL had a large wrap-around porch that I just loved so this one is quite small in comparison...but, I don't care. I just LOVE A PORCH! Oh, and I really love that guy standing on this porch:)
The one thing I thought was odd (but I know nothing about building), was how they poured the basement concrete on Thursday. They opened the window in the front of the house and cut a hole in the floor of the room to access the basement. Then they used they concrete half pipes (I have no clue what they are really called) to pump the concrete down, into wheelbarrows, and workers spread and leveled it. We have 4 places that are open holes into the basement because the windows will eventually go there so I wish they would have pumped the concrete through one of those..but I'm guessing the half pipe machiney thingy wouldn't reach around the house to one of those.  I will say, the basement is poured and it looks huge!
This pic was taken on the stairs looking into what will be part of the rec room (its a huge room).
The other half of the rec room and when the walls are in, the media room will be in the area where you see wood hanging from the ceiling. I did not photo the other side of the stairs which will house another room, a full bathroom, and a storage room with extra laundry hook ups. Because this house is almost 2200 sq feet on one level, the basement is nearly the same sq feet. 1600 sq feet of that will be finished.
Behind this door will reside a very grateful family!
I wish this was a better pic so you could see how beautiful the leaded glass is me, it's darn pretty! IT IS NOT PAINTED YET so it will not be this almond color. Actually, it will be a beautiful Sherwin Williams color called Black Bean. Dan ensured that they used SW on these houses before we signed the contract. That guy is loyal!
That wraps up the week. Oh, and it's raining again.....
Up next: electrical, plumbing, and insulation. Our PM called tonight and said that once those are done, we will have our pre-drywall meeting. He is aiming for October 15thish for that! WooHoo!!


  1. Hi Catherine, this is a lot of progress for 29 days. The RH crews do not mess around! Before you know it, you will be locking in on your rate. I absolutely LOVE your door! The glass panel is so beautiful. We are thinking about doing the same thing. Our doors, honestly, are ugly. They have a transom in the door instead above the door panel which looks so much better. Fingers crossed the rain is settled!

    btw--I love the porch, too!!!!!!!!

  2. 29 days, fast :)

    Im in Pittsburgh and we get the same weather, unless we are talking about snow and get the lake effect snow...