Saturday, September 29, 2012

To paint or not to paint....

Ok, here is the big dilemma.... Do we paint before the one year inspection? I know Ryan homes will fix all nail pops and repaint with Ryan white but they will not repaint if we have painted the walls. But, I hate white walls and cannot imagine waiting an entire year before painting. I love to paint so I can't imagine touching up the walls after they fix pops would be a big deal....

Have any other Ryan bloggers painted before the year was up? Was it a big deal? What are your thoughts?


  1. Geesh! This is such an important question and such a personal question!

    I have seen bloggers who chose to paint post pictures of the touch up work done by RH over their painted walls. For me, this was unsightly and it meant repainting and a possibility of the wall being a different shade. Some folks said it was not a big deal, others said it made a difference.

    I love color and creating a warm welcome environment when we walk into our home is important to me. Painting the home has been a MUST for me where ever I lived and I would always paint before the moving day. However, I am making a different choice this time for several reasons:

    1. I have chosen a theme for each room and the right colors matters a lot. I want to be sure the colors I choose resonate with the furniture scheme.
    2. I want to wait for the 10 month inspection because I am hiring painters and the paint I use requires a special paint job that I do not want destroyed from possible nail pops.
    3. I am only going to paint a few rooms because the nail pops will not make a difference. I plan to paint the garage, our bedroom closets before the installers come to install our closet system and maybe the spa/exercise room.

    Honestly, I would love to paint beforehand, but I am willing to wait to execute my interior design. Plus there will be so much to do and the 10 month inspection will be here before I know it.

  2. we have been advised not to paint, our PM said if we must paint, try to just paint an ACCENT wall if you must paint and not paint difficult areas, maybe paint walls that are an easy wall...if that makes of course we always keep our paint cans mark them accordingly and i even save all our swatches and mark them also....i dont know if 10months the paint will fade that much that patch work will be really different........its Gambling a little bit

  3. then again, its ONLY paint, really,,,after all we have been through, is painting a wall or two a big deal if they are basic walls and not the 25 feet foyer may be an exageration)

  4. Our SR suggested not painting too. But, I am a meticulous painter. And, I keep all my colors and label them so when I need to touch up, I should be able to do so easily. But you are right, maybe I don't paint EVERY wall... Just a few accent walls to warm the house up. Like you said, it's just paint.... Oh, and we are building a ranch so we won't have the huge vaulted two story walls. That, I would definitely wait on.

  5. Catherine, yup I agree on the larger walls, not looking forward to painting those, my foyer will need a forklift LOL

    but i dont know that I can resist NOT painting ANYTHING!!

  6. I read somewhere that depending on what type of paint you use, a "patch" might be noticeable. Our current house had flat white walls when we bought it, and after painting our bedroom (non-flat paint, but I don't remember what kind) we realized there were a couple places where the wall had been patched, because they reflect the light differently. I would imagine that would apply to nail-pop fixes.

    Of course the flip side of that is, we didn't do the patching, so our one-time painting of the room still made it show. Might be the quality of the patch work, but something to consider.