Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Neighbors make the hood

So relieved!!! We went for our pre drywall meeting today and I feel so much better about everything. Our PM was awesome! He has no issue with fixing the floor boards, changing a few things, and adding a couple outlets in places that I knew I would want them. But, most importantly, was the issue I am having with our "exercise room" in the basement. I will try to explain the best I can. Technically, they cannot call this a bedroom because there is no window in the room. We added an egress window for fire safety reasons but it is not in that room. I really want that room to have a second escape route if there is ever a fire, especially since the door to that room is next to the door that houses the electrical, furnace, sump pump stuff. Also, there is no closet in this exercise room". SO, here is my remedy: That room shares a wall with the basement stair case. We all know that space is great storage BUT, they are blocking it with drywall per house plans. Unfortunately, they cannot turn it into a closet. My idea is after the house closes, we add a door from the bedroom side into the stairway space, allowing for storage. In addition, cut another small access door on the other side of the wall, which leads to the large rec room and egress window. Visually, you would open the closet door (which will be under the stairwell) and then open a small access door to crawl out of that room. A friend of ours did this in their basement, and I think it is a great idea.So, we explained this to our PM and he is so cool because he had the framers frame in two full size doors so that after closing, we will just have to cut that drywall out and add the doors. Most importantly, I will have peace of mind! 
On to some great news...we met our neighbor who just moved in last week.....and they are very cool! Actually our PM told us that we were really going to like them, his term being "super nice kind of people". We spoke for well over an hour and the wife gave us the grand tour of their enourmous beautiful home. And my favorite part was that she had the whole house painted before they moved in. WOW!. Color just transforms these homes! I know they suggest waiting 10 months but after seeing how beautiful hers looked, I know I am not waiting. I will touch up the nail pops that arise but to me, it is just not worth waiting to put my touch on our home.
Lastly, I took the advise of other bloggers and took pics of every wall so we know where all the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and security wires are located. That way, once the drywall is up, we won't have to guess where things are behind those walls.
Tomorrow: siding!!! YAY!


  1. Sweet! Can't wait to come out & see it!

  2. Awesome idea on the future closet!

  3. I am so glad your meeting went well.

    Now are they charging you for more outlets??

    Taking pics of things in the wall is a good suggestion...thanks

    1. Dw: to answer your question about outlets, I will just say this: don't be afraid to ask your PM for small things during walk through. It may happen that you will get them and not be charged.... That's all I'm saying;)