Friday, October 26, 2012

Stone relief!

I have been pretty worried about the stone we chose. There is only one house in the whole subdivision with the Aspen stone and I wasn't loving it with the siding and shutters they had. It seemed so washed out and peachy. Our SR kept telling me it will look great with my choices but I have been skeptical. I really wanted a light gray siding since our house is one-story. I thought a dark siding would make it seem small. So, we chose Silver Mist and Aspen  was the only stone option available with that siding.
Yesterday, I went to bring more bribery, I mean treats, and to my surprise, the stone guys were hard at work. The stone was still wet, which makes it look darker. Personally, I loved it and wished it would stay that color but I know it will lighten. Today I went by and they had finished up.
Here is the front with the beginnings of our columns....Imagine the front door Black Bean, not dirty off white.
I really like the combo now! I hope it doesn't lighten up too much more.


  1. Hi Catherine, I am happy you like your exterior selections! This was the most agonizing part of the process for me with limited color options. I must have switched at least four times with change orders. I hope I like the final selection. This was one of my options: Silver Mist siding, black shutters/door and with large Aspen Stones (very similar to your selection). I did not choose this option because it had a grey undertone. I have seen it on other homes and it looks great especially if you like the grey undertone. When I finally finalized my choices I ended up with brick which I never thought I would do. BTW-your elevation is pretty cool and I like our selection. The colors are working nicely together.

  2. Nadase, this is elevation M. Ryan Homes was giving elevation L as an incentive for this model, but I really wanted my front porch (I know you understand) so we had to pay the overpriced upgrade price difference to get it. I just love the stone columns.... No other home on our street has them so I like that we are unique. I was really unsure about the siding and shake being such different colors but I think the stone ties it together. Good thing, since I'm stuck with it, right?

    1. Lol Right! I really like the way the colors blend with the contrasting elements. NICE! AND yes, I do understand all to well about the porch. We lucked up too with the only home in our cul-de-sac with a front porch out of the six of us.

  3. I LOVE your elevation! The stone columns are going to look amazing when they're finished.