Monday, October 8, 2012

It's going to be a loooong week...

Today is Monday and I am blogging about my house today because I won't be visiting it for almost a week!! I know, right?  How will I function?
BUT, the good news is that we will officially be closing on our IL house. Luckily, we have movers coming to pack the house, down to the silverware, and loading it into their truck. Such a blessing to have this perk! All I have to do is clean up after the crew to make the house "broom ready". I can do that!
Back to the new house. We are expecting big changes when we get back next week. The PM says we will likely have our pre-drywall meeting next Monday or Tuesday. He will know better toward the end of the week. We are seriously contemplating hiring an independent inspector to also come look at the house before they start closing up all the electrical and plumbing. THoughts????

Went by on Saturday and the stone for the front of the house has arrived. I am really not feeling it and it is worrying me. The color looks a bit peachy in the box. Granted, I only saw about 8 pieces but from those 8, they didn't scream beautiful. Supposedly Ryan Homes has these amazing designers that choose the stone choices that compliment the siding so they better be right because Mama will not keep her mouth shut if it is ugly.

Last week I posted about how they opened the front window and cut a hole in the floor to concrete the basement. Well, here is the remnants of that. We will be asking them to replace that whole board because when you walk on the patched part, it fast forward 6 months and now a squeaky floor. No thank you. Although, that will be my daughters room so I could detect any midnight sneaky manuevers...hmmmm. I'm sure she will never do that!
As for the basement..... It's still huge and I am so excited!
As you come down the stairs and turn right, this will be the rec area and in the far back, the media room. I am VERY pleased with the natural light coming in from the egress window and the other windows. But, my son tells me that the far window will have to be blacked out for the media room effect to work....He's 11, he knows best. LOL.

Future guest room. It will be finished.
Our home on paper. This is taped to the back door with every option and spec necessary for the subcontractors and PM to refer to...
Tonight I went down to the basement and it looks like one of the basement walls that are currently suspended from the ceiling caused this huge crack. I will be following up to ensure that they replaced this whole board. I also took a pic of the number written on it so I can double check.
And the last thing that was done today was duct work.  All the floor vents are cut out and duct work is meandering throughout the basement and walls. Yay!
I know I really need these next 6 days away because I'm sure the work crew and PM  are tired of the white Acadia cruising by every day. In fact, our PM made a joking comment (but there is some truth to every joke, right?) about seeing my car daily......ummm. I got nothin. He IS right!
So, til next week...... say your prayers and make good choices.


  1. ok first I cannot get over the cutting of the floor to pour concrete in the basement.....are you kidding me.....?????????????????????????? My gosh you really have to keep up on these folks every day...girl you keep driving by daily...

    As far as the inspection, my opinion is wait until closing....

    The brick will be beautiful trust yourself, you were looking at them in a box....but i know how you are feeling, I want everything to scream...WOW im perfect and Chatting Tatum...LOL

  2. Follow your heart....if it is telling you to get an inspector, I would. I have been contemplating on it only because we have so much going on in our house. I drive by at least twice by myself to catch some awesome picture moments. I am only five minutes away so this is very easy to do and I may make a third trip with my DH who gets off work at 5 pm. Prayer are UP!