Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pre drywall meeting scheduled

OK, finally....a pre drywall meeting is scheduled!! It is tomorrow at 3:30pm. As you can guess, I have been making a list of questions and things to bring up but I would LOVE advice from readers on what to specifically look for. All the electrical, plumbing, security, surround sound, and HVAC wiring and materials are installed...but I have no idea what I'm looking at. Of course, my awesome husband will be there too but we are no specialists so advice is welcomed! As for my previous post regarding the subfloor, we WILL be addressing that tomorrow. Also, I scoured all of the basement walls for cracked board #709 and I did not see it anywhere. So, I am assuming they replaced it before installing the walls, but I will double check tomorrow.
On another note:
I think they are supposed to pour the garage concrete today. The siding has been delivered. Bathtubs are in.

AND WE ARE OFFICIALLY RESIDENTS OF OHIO (I couldn't commit until our IL home was packed)....

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