Thursday, October 25, 2012

There's something about drywall...


Picnic "dinner" in our morning room.... Of course the teenager thought we were crazy but I don't care. When Dan and I built our first home (way back in 97), he surprised me with a picnic in our drywalled kitchen. I say, it's never too soon to start making memories!
Drywall just makes it feel real! I can visualize us living here, our furniture, paint colors, etc. I finally really feel excited about our home. Luckily, only 5 weeks left until its done! Doesn't that seem crazy?
I asked the kids to find a bible verse (idea from fellow blogger and I loved it) that they wanted to write on the door jam of their rooms and they both did a great job picking one that was perfect for them. Daughter chose a beautiful, well thought out verse (a deep thinking young lady):

And our son chose his.... Which he wrote next to the light switch. (our jokester child):


As for Dan and I: What I hope our home always brings us....peace always.

We've been stoned!!!!
 Just a few pics of our drywall progress.
Our kitchen. See all the recessed lighting. I love it! The small door in the corner will be pantry #1. That whole back wall will be cabinets and the fridge.
View from our front door. To the right will be the beautiful metal ballisters leading to the open basement. To the left on the back wall will eventually be our stone fireplace.
Morning room and kitchen. See the opening for the second pantry? I'm not sure exactly what we are going to fit through that door but this pantry got added when we added the morning room. The funny thing is, it goes 10ft high in there. I mean, really? How am I going to reach that! I better keep a ladder handy. Maybe a good hiding spot....hmmmmmm.

I think Dan is going to love the 10 ft ceilings. He "fits" in this house....except for the shower head. I really wish I thought to ask them to raise that before they installed it. Darn it!
All in all,things are coming along. This week should just be finishing the mudding of walls. I brought more cookie treats yesterday to feed the hard workers. The city inspector was there. He said everything looked good, except for some bracing bracket in the garage. He was waiting for them to add that before he passed the garage. Side note: he did not take a cookie.

Today marks day 49 since they dug our hole.  We should close in 35 days. I am getting nervous about that though since the week before is Thanksgiving and I'm sure noone will work that Thursday or Friday (which is fine)  and our walkthrough is scheduled for Monday Nov. 26th at 10am. Mostly worried that NVR mortgage will drop the ball. And, I was proactive and called the title company to set our date and time to sign docs. I'm not taking any chances!


  1. Love the picnic dinner! You're right... It is never too early to start making memories.

  2. Catherine, oh my goodness, I am so following your lead, I will be sure to copy your ideas and do a picnic and write something on the walls that will forever be there and only YOU will know it, what an awesome thing to do....thanks for the idea!! Priceless...

  3. Love Love Love the picnic idea!! I will be surprising my husband with this on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon.

    BTW: could you please turn off the word verification on your blog, it makes us bloggers decipher this crazy word pattern in order to leave a comment. :-(

  4. Nadase, thanks for the heads up on word verification. I turned it off... I had no idea! Anyway, definitely do a picnic. I bet your granddaughter would love it too!
    BTW, thank you for the scripture idea. I like knowing we are praying for blessing upon our home.