Monday, October 15, 2012

Some great memories built in this home...

This week was a tough one for me. We drove down to IL to officially move our things from our Amber Lane home....Our things may be gone but the memories we built in that home will live forever. Kayt was 6 when we moved there and Leland was 3 (almost 4). Now they are 14 and 11!!!!
We really had the BEST yard ever! Almost 2 acres of grass and trees and LOTS of fun....I stood on my front porch watching the moving truck roll up and instantly the tears started...and they pretty much kept coming all week.
I knew I needed to take some photos of our yard because we had so many great times there and our new home will have a VERY small yard. Of all the things I will miss about this house, the yard is by far the biggest.
We flew kites in this yard.  We pushed kids on swing sets here.

We hit pinata's from this tree. Leland climbed every tree he could in this yard. Endless hours of trampoline jumping with friends.... Kayt's friend who tried to impress her and jumped off our roof (only a minor injury, thank goodness). So many fire pit memories with friends and family....The Halloween Hay Rides where all the neighborhood kids would jump on and Trick or Treat. Oh, and let me not forget our annual Rib Cookoff. We had that for 7 years in a row and I looked forward to that all year long.
The kids and their friends would venture out in these trees and scavenger for things.

Leland taking one last walk through the woods in the backyard.
I really feel like this is the end of an era and although I know our new home will be beautiful, I just know that the neighborhood will be NOTHING like what we had on Amber Lane. It was special and I am so grateful for the years and memories.

I realize this is not a new home post but I just needed to take some time to appreciate what we had. So, if you saw a crazy woman driving yesterday from IL to Ohio, crying like a baby, that was me. Literally cried the first 4 hours of our 8 hour drive.... I am a great multitasker!!!!


  1. Great Post, Catherine..... I am tearing with you. ***tears, tears** tissue tissue, tears, tears tissue tissue.. It's so wonderful when we can reflect back to such fond memories. I would have done the same thing....cried for four hours, wipe my eyes for two minutes and cried again for another four hours. Every place I have ever moved to that had fond memories I literally had to to a closing ritual to say good-bye. It helped a lot. Congratulations on making it through! I wish you more fond memories in your new home and LOTS and LOTS of pictures to capture those memories.

  2. Your making me cry too. I am going through this too, today is a better day and I promise some days will be so much better and I am sure there will be days when we go backwards and cry all over again, as it has been said on this site over and over...........its a roller coaster take it day by day....and soon we will be in our new homes adjusting to our new atmospheres..

    Oh,your yard, I must say that was..........a YARD, thats a tough one...but change is inevitable and we must grow so your family will just grow in a different location in a different yard....things will be good. Sounds like you and I adjust slowly though and I know this about myself so I try not to be so hard on myself, so please cry when you feel like it....

    And please know anytime you needs to RANT feel free to reach out, we are here for you.....this BLOG is my rock....

  3. Nadase and DW, thank you both. I really needed to pay homage to this home as carries so many memories. I am looking forward to our new home and with our kids being older, I know this neighborhood will be great for them, with the community pool and tons of kids. I also know the small yard will be fine since we won't need a swing set or room to run like we used to. This house will be more patio than grass, I'm sure. We do love to entertain, especially around the fire. Also, our new kitchen/great room will be HUGE so we will be able to fit alot more people in that soon as we meet some, that is. For many reasons, this move is an amazing blessing from God and we know it's the best thing for our family. I will look forward to great new memories. Like I told DW, I always think about what experiences the kids will remember and I want them to have good ones in our new home. Thanks again!

  4. It looks like you had a beautiful house in a beautiful location. I can imagine it's bittersweet to leave. I hope that you will enjoy your new house and new location just as much!