Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week 2...We have a basement!

Ok, I am not ashamed to say that I am becoming obsessed with our house. The problem is that it is only 2 minutes from Kaytlin's school and I have ABSOLUTELY no self control, so, I drive by it every day....I feel like a creeper and I need to get a grip! Confession time is over.
Now to the progress report.
On Monday, we still had standing water in the big dirt hole so I figured there would be no progress but when I drove by after picking up Kayt from band, I was surprised to see this...
Footers and tons of pea gravel! I am concerned about this being poured over the standing water so we are going to talk to our PM (project manager) about this.

 View from the back. To the left of the pic will be our media room. Leland is pretty pumped about this.
Then, the next day (this would be Day 6 of construction) I drove by in the afternoon and saw the workers finishing up the forms and 4 cement trucks waiting in a line to pour our basement....Fast forward 3 hours (went by again after I dropped Kayt off at band) and basement is poured and curing in the forms. I SO wanted to have the kids put their initials in the wet concrete but there is a 2 foot ravine around the whole base so I couldn't get close enough.
The above pic is our soon to be front door and porch.
Tilt your head sideways...this pipe is on the ground. Wall too far away to reach..darn!

Day 7...Forms are off and the egress window is installed and cut outs are complete for the other basement windows. Egress window was a must! Not standard so we had to pay $1200 for this upgrade but it was a no-brainer for me. Our current house does not have one and I am always worried about the kids down there.
September 12th pictures
One of the window cut outs. Also, a worker was nearby and he said that they had a pump on Monday to pull all the standing water out of the basement before they poured the footers. He said the city of Avon has a building code that won't allow them to pour concrete with signs of water present. I feel better knowing that.

I found this image online of an actual Springbrook with our elevation. I love the porch pillars and dormers to break up the roof line. ( they have no functional purpose).

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