Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 3: Not very productive!

Well, I wish last week was more productive regarding our home build. Unfortunately, only a few, but important, things were done. Our PM told us that the framers were running a few days behind so they probably wouldn't start framing until Friday or Saturday. On Monday they applied the waterproofing to the basement walls and on Tuesday they backfilled around the basement. YAY! On Wednesday, all the lumber was delivered so I got pretty hopeful that they were going to start framing on Thursday....but, nope! Then, it rained on Friday...and Saturday....and Sunday (sad face). Needless to say, they did not start yet.

BUT, the nice thing is that Ryan homes hires local Amish men to frame their homes and they actually do part of the framing indoors and then bring to the job site. This means the wood spends less time outside in the elements. Great idea unless it pours rain for 3 days after they bring the wood. Anyway, these men have a great reputation for being efficient and accurate framers so that is a bit of a relief. Thinking of dropping by with donuts one day next week....just an extra incentive:)

See the numbers on the wood? I think they literally build by numbers!!!


  1. Hi Catherine,
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  2. Hello! Thanks for your note on our blog. I agree, we're at almost the same stage in the process. It sure is exciting. Can't wait until we have a stack of lumber on our lot like you do. Maybe next week if the weather holds out (rain forecast for the next two days).

    I have to mentioned about being so hooked on the house that you go by there all the do we! It's just too fun! I also liked your comment about taking donuts by for extra incentive. We also plan to take muffins, cookies, etc....whatever it takes! We are pushing hard to be in before Christmas....right now, that looks very likely!

    1. I brought cookies one morning and donuts another. Can't confirm that it made them work harder, but they sure got a lot done in 5 days!

  3. Hi Catherine,
    Our meeting went very well yesterday! We were there for six long hours. Read my blog and please remember to join my blog by clicking the button join this site. When I click on your name from the comment you sent to me it gives a google page. Thanks.

  4. Woo hoo, found your blog...LOL

    Our Staking just got pushed back1! Our PM uses the phone only not an email, I will ask him next week if he has a timeline....ya'll seem to know so much about whats going to happen when???