Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ahhhhh... I am finally sitting down!

It has been a whirlwind these past three weeks! We closed on a Wednesday, had painters here on Thursday, movers and phone/internet on Friday, satellite/couches/unpacking on Saturday...Trying to find all our kitchen necessities (I was determined to cook a meal in our new house on Sunday), unpack, unpack, unpack....OH, and it's almost Christmas so I definitely needed to shop and decorate for that. You get the picture, it's been busy.
Here is a little of what we've been doing since we moved in....

We still are looking for the "just right" comforter so his twin one is working for now.

Our entry! I love the color! It looks so different in the daylight vs. night.
Dan putting his handywork to use in one of the storage rooms. I love having a home for all the decorations.
Below are the shelves in the garage. He just finished those last night. We will hopefully get organized enough that I can park in the garage...don't hold your breath, I'm not!
Remember waaay back when we wrote bible verses on the door jams and floor? Well my sweet dad printed off those pics, framed them, and mailed them to me. I LOVE IT! The plan is to hang next to the doors but we haven't gotten that far yet.

Our bedroom furniture..We decided against the more rustic set that we originally bought and got this beautiful set instead. The painter is coming back tomorrow to paint our room and the media room so I will add more pics once that's all done.

Speaking of media room....we got those sconces on clearance and put wireless puck lights from Costco in them. They come in packs of 6 and have a remote control with two brighness settings. It is a perfect way to have just a little light to manuever around and can turn off before we start the movie. These walls are getting painted a dark gray tomorrow.
Our new couch...IT IS SO COMFY! It's called the Collins from LaZboy and we picked Pewter fabric.

Our kitchen in complete disarray. Notice the "bargain" bar stools we scored..Yeah, they are too short:) Hahaha, They will work for now.
 I hate how I can't get a good angle in our room so show you the size. It's much larger than it looks.
My bath...I have waited 8 years to have a big tub again.
And finally....decorating the tree. It used to barely fit in our old living it looks fun size!
I will try to update more after Christmas. I pray that every one of you get to spend the Christmas season with those you love.
Merry Christmas!


  1. You have done sooo much all while your house is being painted!!! Good job!!,

  2. Congratulations on your new home, everything looks great!! I love the fireplace!